The Best Outdoor RV Campground Games

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Best Outdoor RV Campground Games
Best Outdoor RV Campground Games

The best outdoor campground games for the RV travel trailer are bolo toss and corn hole. The games must be lightweight and easily stored in small compartments of the travel trailer. Campground games should also provide good entertainment with minimal set-up. Games that can be played by all ages make the best outdoor games for the travel trailer.

One of the best games for campground entertainment is the bolo toss. The bolo toss game can be made lightweight and collapsible, which is essential when packing the travel trailer and heading to the campground. Imagine cowboys, after a long day on the range, creating a game by taking their necktie bolos and tossing them at a split rail fence as dinner was prepared over a campfire.

The bolo toss game has been modernized slightly with golf balls tied together on a string that is tossed at a ladder of three plastic rungs. Hence the game is also called ladder toss. The objective is to toss the golf balls so the string hits the rung, with the balls wrapping the string around, more points are earned for each progressive rung.

Bolo toss is somewhat unique and does not appear at every campground every weekend. Therefore, bolo toss generates interest and typically is a great mechanism to meet the campsite neighbors. Any age can play, and there is essentially very little to learn, ensuring a fast start for everyone.

Perhaps the most traditional and popular campground game is corn hole or bean bag toss, depending on the vernacular in different parts of the country. This very familiar game of corn hole can be modified to be made from lightweight material with removable plastic legs to enable easy transport in the camper.

Although the lightweight version may not achieve official tournament standards, and the plastic legs may cause a slight bounce, a corn hole in any form is always a campground favorite. Anyone can start playing with very little explanation.

Corn hole is one of those campground games that attracts people from all over the park. It is an irresistible temptation to just pick up a bag and try a toss. The games always seem to continue late into the night playing from the light of the campfire.

The best outdoor RV campground games are lightweight and can be stored in small areas. Simplicity in set-up and learning the game is also important for campground games. The bolo toss (ladder toss) game and the corn hole (bean bag toss) game are absolutely the two best outdoor games for the campground or RV park.

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