The Best Toy Hauler For Your Travels

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The Best Toy Hauler For Your Travels
The Best Toy Hauler For Your Travels

Toy haulers are the best option for those who prefer the comfort of home outside their homes when traveling. If you are looking for the ultimate at-home feeling while traveling, then a toy hauler is the best solution for you. The ideal toy hauler aims to provide you with all the necessities and essential comforts you would expect from your average household.

What is a toy hauler?

A toy hauler is a type of RV that features a “garage” in the rear area with a sizeable ramp-like door for direct access. These toy haulers are most commonly called fifth wheel or travel trailers, although some motorhomes can also be called toy haulers.

Toy haulers are, in general, more decadent and also more expensive than a comparable non-toy hauler due to the fact that its construction and features. They are added to make it carry the additional weight of the toys.

People usually tend to purchase toy haulers for many reasons. It provides a type of additional living and storage space, even if you are not storing toys. Many of the ramp doors also serve a dual purpose, mainly as an exterior porch to give the ultimate home-like feel.

Toy haulers are becoming increasingly popular for those who want the home comforts within basically a motorhome. Simultaneously, they require the need to unhitch and drive the tow vehicle without having to break camp. They appeal to mainly long-term and seasonal RV travelers. At the same time, it appeals to tradespeople who need to live at a remote job site for months at a time.

Below we have mentioned some of the best toy haulers that can give you the requirements you genuinely need.

1. TORQUE T281

This toy hauler is idealized to meet most of the requirements you need in this RV-associated vehicle.

Starting at almost $46604, the vehicle has accommodation for nearly eight people and a height of 12’10” ft. for the roof space.

It also comes with a reasonably good garage space and accommodates plenty of gallons of water as well. The torque T281 is the only one that has a stable mount booth dinette with solid surface countertops in the kitchen. For additional bonuses, it comes along with a sizeable residential microwave with a 55″ TV.

The door side has porch lights, and there is the option of an external shower and a kitchen.

Product specs:

  • Dry Weight: 8255lbs
  • Hitch Weight: 1380lbs
  • Axles:2 x 6000
  • Fresh Tank: 98
  • Black Tank: 30
  • Furnace 35,000 BTU
  • BTU Number of Slides: 2
  • Bedroom Height: 7′-6″
  • Awning Length: 19′
  • Cook Top: 3
  • Burner Traditional Oven: Yes
  • Convection Oven: No
  • Generator Prep: Optional

2. NB19.1

The NB19.1 is another majestic beauty in the toy hauler ranges. It features a ten and a half foot garage, queen size beds, and weighs overall less than 4,400 pounds.

The vehicle affects anyone who is a sports enthusiast and provides space for one’s bikes, kayaks, fishing equipment, snowboards, and more.

One can very quickly load your toys and gear using the rear ramp door. There is also the presence of insulation in the form of block foam. Also, there are roof-mounted solar panels. You can probably say it’s the best small toy hauler available in the market, with robust features that give it durability.

Product specs:

  • Hitch Weight: 720 lb.
  • UVW (Unloaded Vehicle Weight)4264 lb.
  • CCC (Cargo Carrying Capacity) 3456 lb.
  • Exterior Length: 24′ 11″
  • Exterior Height: 9′ 11″
  • Exterior Width: 88″
  • Fresh Water: 30.00 gal.
  • Grey Water: 30.00 gal.
  • Black Water: 30.00 gal.
  • Awning Size: TBD

3. Octane Super Lite 

This toy hauler offers you a different kind of variety within the package. One-off its people in specifications include the vinyl floor, which is easy to clean, and lights in appropriate places.

Weighing underneath £50,000, this is yet another lightweight vehicle that can be used for travelers who are not going for an intensive adventure.

The package can also arrive in Canadian standards if you like to meet the climate’s requirements there.

The product comes with seamless countertops, self-adjusting breaks, and many more beautiful secs that make it a worthwhile offer for your money.

Product secs:

  • Fully integrated A-frame
  • Keyed Alike™ lockable baggage doors
  • Dark-tinted, safety glass privacy windows
  • 30 amp power service
  • 13,500-BTU roof-mounted AC
  • Enclosed battery storage box with locking door
  • Water heater bypass system
  • Water system winterization kit
  • LED exterior lights
  • (2) 20 lb. LP bottles with cover
  • Electric Tongue Jack
  • Heated, enclosed underbelly

Besides that, the hauler offers a customer value package that includes different features like Nitrogen-filled Goodyear Endurance tires,102 in. wide-body construction, Aluminium rims, Convection microwave oven, Stainless steel appliances, and much more.

4. Momentum G Class Travel Trailer 25G

To offer luxury on a budget, Grand Design came up with this model to satisfy many clients.

The 25G is a twos slide hauler whose garage can be converted into a living space making it a fantastic investment. The hauler comes with an inch of marine grading insulation and a vented attic as well. It also has water storage for times when you want to take this fifth-wheel camper off the grid for days or possibly weeks at a time.

It even has two grey water storage tanks for times when you just don’t want to make the trip to an RV dump station.

You can accommodate almost up to six people in the toy hauler. Both of its queen beds are fitted with memory foam to provide maximum comfort and ease.

The designers of this toy hauler state that they made sure to keep the bedroom part of the vehicle comfortable so that the immediate need is met with an excellent standard, and keeping in mind space, it is managed pretty well.

Product specs:

Some of its available features have the following descriptions.

  • UVW1- 7900 lbs
  • Hitch Weight- 1150 lbs
  • GVWR- 11500 lbs
  • Length2- 30’11”
  • Height- 12’4″
  • Axle Rating- 6000
  • Fresh Water Capacity- 100 Gal
  • Grey Water Capacity-78 Gal
  • Waste Water Capacity-39 Gal
  • LP Capacity-40 lbs
  • Furnace-30000 BTU

5. Keystone RV Montana High Country 381TH

Yet another fantastic toy hauler on the list, this toy hauler helps sustain almost seven people inside it and has a length of nearly 41ft.

The floors in this hauler are also of vinyl which helps in easy-clean, and there is also the presence of IPO carpets if you like.

The hauler also allows you to store underneath the bed and has LED sensors around your wardrobes for maximum protection.

Being under the Keystone umbrella means that this fifth wheel camper’s designers had access to a high level of materials and state-of-the-art manufacturing. This translates into a lot of luxury, as well as basic creature comforts.

The kitchen is spacious and comes with a three-burner stove and a built-in oven.

There’s also a full-size electric refrigerator and a two basin sink. The dinette area can comfortably seat up to four people at a time.

The bathroom has a large shower stall with a seat. There’s also a flushing toilet.

The 2020 Montana High Country 381TH has a stacked washer and dryer for full-time RV travelers who want to get their laundry done without having to waste time and money.

The entertainment center in the 2020 Montana High Country 381TH is truly impressive. It has a telescoping HDTV as well as an electric fireplace.

There are copious amounts of storage in the cabinets, as well as comfortable seating for up to six people who want to watch TV or simply relax at the end of a long day.

Since this toy hauler is a product of one of the USA’s largest RV owning company the hauler does not fail to deliver and has some of the best specs and features.

For added security outside and in the storage, the places have LED motion sensors that you can keep on and activated. The overall cost it bags is approximate $89,610.

Product specs:

  • 12-gallon DSI gas/electric water heater with 16.2 GPH fast recovery
  • 60″” x 80″” Queen Bed
  • Motion sensor LED light in a bedroom closet
  • powder coated 10″” steel I-beam frame (305, 310, 320, 321, 344, 345, 330, 331)for construction features
  • Dometic 12V electric patio awning with LED lights and power channel
  • Heated central exterior water and convenience center
  • Motion sensor LED lights in the pass-through storage compartment
  • Motion sensor LED lights in toy hauler garage

6. Keystone – Raptor 425TS

Another one of the finest toy haulers in the market is that these features give you many unique features for the money you invest into buying it.

The hauler provides you the ultimate at-home feel with its multiple specs and additional features like already done satellite prewiring, emergency exits, recliners, and more.

The 12 ft. 44in toy hauler can accommodate almost nine people inside it, ensuring you have the perfect family trip or any adventure you choose with closed ones.

The main living area of the Keystone Raptor 425TS is nicely appointed with all the creature comforts of home.

Which is something you want in a fifth-wheel camper for full-timing? The kitchen is large and features a three-burner stove with an oven, a convection microwave, and two modest pantry spaces.

There’s also a large 18 cubic foot RV refrigerator that can run on electricity or propane.

It’s designed to be heavy-duty enough to handle the bumps of traveling over rough roads.

The living room area has a flat-screen television with thoughtful seating. From there, it steps up to the large bathroom with a shower, toilet, and sink with vanity.

There is a separate door in the bathroom and the hallway to the luxurious master suite in the fifth-wheel camper’s front.

In this toy hauler, you can find a king-size bed with plenty of floor space for walking around. There’s copious storage for holding everything a couple wants for full-time living.

The master suite even has its entertainment center built into a large dresser.

A 30,000 BTU air conditioner cools the interior of the Keystone Raptor 425TS so you can travel with ease in the summers. Full-timers who stay in places where it is quite cold down in the winter can enjoy the cozy 35,000 BTU propane furnace.

Product specs:

  • Dry Weight15, 485 lbs.
  • Payload Capacity3, 515 lbs.
  • GVWR19, 000 lbs.
  • Hitch Weight3, 600 lbs.
  • Fresh Water Tank Capacity106.0 gal.
  • Total Grey Water Tank Capacity82.0 gal.
  • Total Black Water Tank Capacity82.0 gal.
  • Number of Awnings 2
  • Battery Power Converter

7. CYCLONE 4115

This toy hauler is yet again another fantastic little monster for you to look out for. With an accommodation spacing for almost eight people, the hauler offers a lot of really nice features. Some retailers also allow you to custom design and add or remove features from this toy hauler so that you can adjust it according to the needs you genuinely require. You can add different special custom features that the manufacturer offers.

These include HD applications, vent windows tinted, heated underbelly, garage rings, and more. Another cool feature in this? It has a basement for storage!

Heartland Cyclone 4115 has both an indoor and outdoor kitchen.

This lets you cook a casual meal in the house, or you can grill out to keep from competing with the 30,000 BTU rooftop air conditioner.

The interior kitchen has a three-burner stovetop with an oven. There’s also full-size propane & electric RV absorption refrigerator, which is big enough to service the family yet durable adequately to handle life traveling over bumpy gravel roads.

The formal living room area is nicely laid out with a large sofa positioned for an easy view of the entertainment center.

If you have guests staying over, or one-half of a couple has a terrible snoring problem, the sofa easily converts into a comfortable bed. There’s another pass-through door that leads into the master bedroom, which features a king-size bed.

You step up to the master suite with its full bathroom, including a toilet, large shower stall, and a sink.

The walking floor space is a little sparse, but there’s still a fair amount of storage space in the master suite.

Product specs:

  • GVWR20,000 lbs
  • dry weight16,270 lbs
  • hitch weight3,700 lbs
  • cargo capacity3682
  • axles 3 x 7000
  • fresh tank-100
  • grey tank-80
  • black tank-80
  • garage length 15′-1″.


Mainly giving a cross between price and quality, the nitro hauler guarantees the money you invest.

It gives you full features for a cost lower than its competitors. The nitro toy haulers are ½ ton, ¾ ton, and 1 ton towable with an additional height and certain width to make extra room for your toys.

All the XLR nitro series windows come with tint radius safety, backup camera safety, roof satellite prep.

You can also opt-out for additional features in their optional equipment that varies from solar paneling to a Yamaha generator. Dual pane windows and rear patio steps are also other examples to take into consideration.

XLR Nitro sacrifices a fair amount of the 42-foot fifth-wheel to the 15-foot cargo bay.

If you do not intend on being able to be going to use the rear section for additional living or sleeping space, you might feel like the primary kitchen and living space is a little bit on the small side.

Still, you get what you need in the kitchen. It has a mid-size refrigerator, a three-burner stove with a modest oven, and a microwave.

There’s a central island with a two-basin sink to expand the available workspace on the countertops.

The XLR Nitro has two bathrooms. One in the rear for the aft bunkhouse, and a full bath with a toilet and shower that acts as a buffer between the kitchens

Product specs:

  • Hitch Weight: 3080 lb.
  • UVW 13639 lb.
  • CCC 3441 lb.
  • Exterior Length: 44′ 8″
  • Exterior Height: 13′ 4″
  • Exterior Width:102″
  • Fresh Water: 102.00 gal.
  • Grey Water: 86.00 gal.
  • Black Water:00 gal.
  • Awning Size:20′

Advantages of a toy hauler:

  • Wide-open “garage” in the rear or side for transporting ATVs, motorcycles, kayaks, and other toys
  • In many rear ramp door doubles as a patio deck complete with side railings and overhead awning
  • Easy to repurpose the garage space as an office, hobby room, workshop, or guest bedroom
  • Manufacturers offer foldaway sleeping options in the garage, including beds that lower from the ceiling at the touch of a button and separate TV and entertainment center
  • The garage area is ruggedized with water and oil-resistant flooring, tie-down fasteners, and protective wall panels
  • Available as a fifth wheel, travel trailer, or motorhome, depending on your preference.

Toy hauler Categories: 

Toy haulers come in different categories for different purposes. However, the most significant subcategories vary primarily in sizes and the comfort they offer. Some varieties are larger than the rest and provide more space for the garage and provide a bigger floor space. However, the most basic ones only offer a virtual space and are devoid of most luxuries.

Travel Trailer Toy Hauler:

Travel trailer toy haulers, also known as bumper pull toy haulers, come in various sizes. The short ones comprise a storage area for smaller toys with the most necessary space, such as a place to sleep and a basic kitchen. The larger ones are up to 38-foot long and comprise all the luxuries required while on the road. The smaller trailer is called sports utility trailers. The interior is constructed of the same material and appliances as a traditional bumper pull trailer and offers no separating wall. In some cases, the garage space can be extended into the living room to carry longer toys within a smaller vehicle.

There is an electric bed already incorporated as an additional sleeping space in most travel trailer toy haulers. It also has other folding sofas that may align with the walls when a toy is brought inside and can even electrically lift against the wall to provide extra space. The cost of these trailers depends upon the size that you choose. But according to a rough estimate, the prices vary from $20,000 to $90,000.

A travel trailer toy hauler, small or large, offers many benefits. It helps you to carry your toys with you. The garage area has additional seating and sleeping space. Larger toy haulers even have a separate fuel station. And the ramp can serve as an outdoor patio as well.

Considering the families attempting to enter the RV market, Travel Trailer Toy Hauler is the most perfect and affordable option for them, and it is the most popular one.

Motorhome Toy Hauler:

Motorhome toy haulers have two kinds; they come in class A and class C. Both of them have a similarity when it comes to their regular counterparts. However, the only difference is that the toy hauler version consists of a rear garage for toys.

Garages are in the 10-foot-long range in Class A toy haulers as they are around 40 feet long; in Class C toy haulers, the garages are approximately 8 feet long. The framework and living quarters of a motorhome, along with a garage, are the same as the non-toy hauler versions. Hence Class A toy hauler and Class A motorhome are constructed in the same manner, and so is the case with Class C, except for the garage.

The garage area of a toy hauler motorhome has a reinforced floor that will have a rubber covering to carry the additional load. If it comes to the living box’s construction, it is the same as a regular motorhome.

The marketing price of a new toy hauler motorhome falls somewhere between $130,000 to 230,000 dollars.

5th Wheel Toy Haulers

A fifth-wheel toy hauler is the best option for taking your toys along in an RV. This toy hauler has a traditional interior, a classic layout at the front of the rig. It also offers a separate garage at the very back for you to stuff in your toys. This toy hauler’s defining feature is that it most likely will have a garage area that will be separated from the living space by a wall. A wall will be acting as a separator, unlike in the case of travel trailer toy hauler.

The access can be gained from two places, both from the outside and inside the rig. The outside access is achieved because it has a separate garage entry, and the inside access is acquired through the interior door.

Fifth wheel Toy Hauler has a similarity with the rest of the toy haulers regarding the actual living space, the construction techniques, materials used, and so on. However, it is the garage area that shows uniqueness as it is constructed differently.

If we look into the garage structure in detail, the garage’s flooring is oil resistant with a reinforced floor structure. There will also be enough storage space, the kind which one sees in actual garages. Conventionally, if one wants to access the garage area of a 5th wheel toy hauler, one has to gain it via a ramp that makes up the RV’s back wall. This ramp allows easy access to the garage area of toys as it comes down to the ground.

The RV also comes with a bed that comes down from the ceiling. The ceiling is its stored position, and the bed is electrically operated, also acting as another sleeping area. However, some other models of Fifth Wheel Toy Hauler come with two beds coming down from the ceiling, providing an arrangement of the bunk bed. Another feature of Fifth Wheel Toy Hauler is that it has slides on both sides, making it spacious once they are expanded, which is done by touching a button.

The garage area has additional seating, which can be utilized once the toys have been unloaded. The seating comes in the form of a jackknife sofa arrangement that can be folded up against the garage’s sides; some of them can be electrically lifted against the ceiling. This feature provides space and frees up the area for the transportation of the toys or for the furniture, which can also be moved into the living room during traveling,

Shorter fifth-wheel toy haulers will are made up of four tires, i.e., dual axles. In the longer ones, they are constructed with six tires, i.e., triple axles, as they can carry more weight.

Even though the Fifth wheel toy hauler shares plenty of similarities with the traditional fifth wheel, some key differences must be taken into account as well.

The above-mentioned rear ramp is the most prominent sign that what a person is looking at is a toy hauler. Apart from being used to having the toys move inside and outside of the RV, one can also place this ramp in a horizontal position held by cables. This same feature gives the patio area through which railings are frequently available to go around. Hence it makes it a safer place for hanging out. The screen is also present, covering the rear opening when the ramp is down, keeping the bugs and other incest out.

Another feature of the fifth wheel toy hauler is that it comes with a remote fueling station. When someone brings along motorized toys, they need fuel. There has to be a way to put fuel in them. Hence the fueling station, which also has a fuel pump and full fuel nozzle. Apart from that, there are generators as well which are used to power the appliances of 120-volts, such as air conditioners, microwave and so on. Propane and gas generators are available. The prices of fifth-wheel toy haulers range from $35,000 to $170,000.

Pop-up, Fold/DownCamper

Also called Tent Trailers, they are the smallest when it comes to the towable camper. These are used when someone is not ready to purchase a Travel Trailer, and they are not prepared for the financial commitment a Travel Trailer requires, but they don’t want to be in a tent either. The pop-up camper comes with a rigid roof and floor, while the rest is made up of canvas. Pop-up Campers are light and easy to tow by any vehicle except small cars, which is one of the most prominent benefits. The price of these campers varies depending on the model, along with that the people who can sleep in it range from eight and onwards, that too depending on the model.


Having a garage portion called the Toy Hauler, the Sport Utility is a Travel Trailer, Fifth Wheel, or Motorhome domain. Also referred to as the SURV, the Sport Utility has a rear door and sometimes a side access door. The unit drops down in the form of a ramp, providing room to store a four-wheeler, and many other toys, including bicycles and dirt bikes. It can accommodate ten people or more to sleep. The same feature which sets a Sport Utility apart from the rest of the regular Travel Trailer or Fifth Wheel is that the beds and couches in Sport Utility are designed in such a manner that they can be lifted against the wall providing more space and room for the toys in the rear storage area. Several units of it consist of beds stored at the ceiling level and can be lowered down through the push of a button. After the toys are dislocated or removed from the RV, the ramp can be turned into a deck.


It is named Hybrid because it is a cross between a Travel Trailer and a Tent Trailer. The feature which distinguishes it from others is that even though the sides are hard, the beds can be folded out on the ends or the sides like that of a tent trailer and are also covered with canvas. This is a versatile trailer design that benefits from becoming a Travel Trailer with four hard sides once the bed is folded up into the side of the trailer and is not in use.

Apart from that, one other advantage of a Hybrid Camper is that a more significant space is given to the weight ratio. Additionally, it is often towed with an SUV because it is lighter than most Travel Trailers.


A camper that can easily slid into a pickup truck’s proper position is called a Truck Camper. Also known as the slide-in camper, it gets slid into a pickup truck once the tailgate of the truck is removed and the trailer is clamped on it. Truck Camper has the benefit that it can be loaded and unloaded quickly promptly, without causing any difficulty. In order to attach the truck camper to the truck, tie-downs are needed. However, a turnbuckle will be required to attach the trailers to the tie-downs. Turnbuckles with some spring mounts on one end are usually recommended. The prices of Truck Camper also vary depending on the model you are choosing.


How big of a toy hauler do I need?

How big of a toy hauler you may need entirely depends on how many toys and how many individuals are going on the travel trip. Usually, the garages for storing the toys are 7.5-8′ wide and 7’-18′ in length. Depending on whatever toys you have, you may want to consider the size of the garage. Also, a toy hauler is capable of accommodating almost 11 people at max and six people on the minimum.

What is the best small toy hauler?

Usually this will depend on where one aims to travel I their toy hauler as it can variate for camping, hot climates, and snowy areas. However, in our list, the Octa Lite toy hauler is one of the best small haulers that you can get the most of at a reasonable price.

What are the best toy haulers?

The haulers mentioned above are considered the best toy haulers to provide ease, comfort, and durability. A toy hauler is considered best if it allows for ample living space, a standard water level in the tanks, additional features, and an adequate storage space that meets your needs.

How much does a toy hauler cost?

Toy hauler trailers can cost $12,000-$80,000 or more, depending on the size (14′-40′ long) and various amenities, which can range from sleeping and eating basics to including all the comforts of home. Travel trailer-style toy haulers tend to be less expensive than fifth-wheel models, which are typically more luxurious.

How much do toy haulers depreciate?

Usually, as soon as you complete the hauler’s purchase and drive it off the lot, your trailer’s value is expected to depreciate over 20 percent mainly. There is not much difference in the first and second years of the purchase of the toy hauler.

Will a golf cart fit in a toy hauler?

Yes, it will. The garage area in a toy hauler is perfect for dirt bikes, motorcycles, golf carts, etc., and at the same time, it also doubles as a living and sleeping area in most models. Most have foldaway tables and seating and queen beds that rise out of the way and can be lowered at night.

Can a toy hauler carry a car?

If the toy hauler is big enough to sustain the vehicle’s weight, yes, you can, in fact, a car or even a jeep inside it, so when you are purchasing the hauler, care to check the size of the garage.

Do toy haulers have bathrooms?

Yes, they do. There may be more than one toilet if you like a roomier toy hauler. However, usually, it is not common to have more than one bathroom in a toy hauler. The toilet offers shower space and a toilet area.

What is the most luxurious Fifth Wheel?

Some of the most luxurious fifth wheels are made by GD- Grand Designs. We have also mentioned one of its most reasonable luxury haulers for your convenience.

Do toy haulers smell like gas?

No, they do not thank the “vapor wall” since its primary purpose is to reduce fumes from fuel spills caused by motorized toys or fuel cans from entering the RV’s sleeping and living area. As another precaution, the flooring material in the garage floor is usually constructed of petroleum-resistant material so as not to absorb spills.

Our toy haulers heavier and more expensive than other towable RVs?

Generally speaking, toy haulers are heavier and more expensive due to the construction and features added to carry the additional weight of toys. Axles have a higher weight-rating, the ramp-door is reinforced to hold the toy’s importance, the garage floor is heavy-duty, and hardware is added to help secure the load. All these features come with weight and cost.


Toy haulers are exciting vehicle that provides you with storage, space, and comfort while deciding to be on the road. Whether it is because you want to travel for work or a trip or adventure-these haulers are there to give you the comforts of a home alongside lots and lots of optional accessories too.

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