Keep an RV Travel Journal: Journaling About Trip Details, Activities and Personal Experiences

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Keep an RV Travel Journal
Keep an RV Travel Journal

Choosing a Journal

The key to choosing a travel journal is selecting a style with features that fit the individual or family. It sounds very simple, but having a journal that is easy to use and laid out well, will inspire the writer to use it often. Special travel journals are available for purchase that are designed to record specific information and store photos. What matters most is recording the information to share with family and friends, or enjoy later like a good book.

Information to Record

Whether information from a number of RV trips will be kept in one journal or each trip will have its own, the details to record will be nearly the same. Important points to take note of include:

  • Contact information for the RV park or campground with address, phone number, fax number website, and email address. Special driving directions or routes will be useful for future trips.
  • Amenities that the park provides or those that may have been missing may determine if the site is worth returning to, or extra supplies that may be needed for following stays.
  • Prices and available site options, such as hook-ups, pull-throughs, shaded sites, cable or phone options, extra fees for pets or additional guests, and parking availability.
  • Area attractions that were visited or missed will be important to record, including side-notes for each location such as an annual festival or fair dates, free admission days to museums/zoos/aquariums, area sports teams with venues and season dates, etc.

Journaling Memories and Opinions

The most important part of a travel journal is recording the memories made with family and friends and experiences in new places. The writing in a journal is similar to taking photographs on a trip or video of an experience — it serves to capture a time and a feeling that can be fondly referred to later. Children will delight in reading their memories as they grow, and children of all ages will enjoy the chance to relive adventures when their memory of the event may not be as fresh as it once was. This information can ever serve to help other travelers with selecting destinations and campgrounds/parks.

Posting thoughts and opinions of each destination on blogs or personal websites is similar to keeping a hand-written journal and is popular in all areas of travel, even RVing.

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